The Yongquan Martial Arts Association

Xing Yi in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

Xing Yi

Our Xing Yi practice is part of the Yongquan Martial Arts Association. Yongquan is dedicated to the study of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, primarily (in alphabetical order):

  • Choy Lee Fut
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Xing Yi

All three arts have equal standing within the Association. To a lesser degree we also study a number of other Chinese arts. The association is both non profit-making and non-political in outlook and has attracted an exceptional range of experienced martial artists. Our five main Sifu (teachers) have a minimum of 30 years of experience each, and our senior, Sifu Rand, has been practicing martial arts continuously since 1972.

The association is very martial in outlook, and combat application figures prominently in everything we do, including our Tai Chi Chuan. We study many different weapons, which are not just limited to the many Xing Yi weapons - we also study three Shaolin weapons: Sixteen and a Half Point Pole, Northern Dragon Sword and Southern Shaolin Broadsword. Even though we do not particularly emphasise the sporting aspects of martial arts, members of the association have nevertheless been successful in open-style competition, particularly full contact competitions - including both national and European champions.