Xing Yi and Ancillary Arts

Chinese Martial Arts in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset

Xing Yi

We study Xing Yi as our primary art, but, with a combined total approaching 90 years of martial arts experience, Damon, Glen and Ben have picked up a lot of other things as well, so we have a range of ancilliary arts that students can delve into, time and personal interest permitting.

Xing Yi

We have an exceptionally complete Xing Yi curriculum, which is a combination of three different traditions. All three traditions are descended by one route or another from Master Guo Yun Shen.

Our ancilliary arts in alphabetical order (no precedence implied):


Baji is the martial art of choice for bodyguards in China, and is also used by the Chinese special forces. It is a direct style which teaches a person to defeat an attacker quickly, and, importantly for bodyguarding application, without evading to either side of the attack. This makes it ideal for close protection work in that it allows the bodyguard to quickly close down angles of attack on the person being protected while simultaneously increasing the distance between the attacker and the person being protected.

Choy Lee Fut

The southern Chinese style of Bak Sing Choy Lee Fut fits exceptionally well with Xing Yi. Xing Yi is mostly a close-range style, while Choy Lee Fut has a lot of long range methods. Our Choy Lee Fut tradition is descended from the line of Master Tam Sam. With the help of his teacher, Sifu Rand, Damon has been working on combining Xing Yi with Choy Lee Fut for more than fifteen years and can teach the two arts as a single system.


foXfist is a martial arts cross-training group, originally founded in the South West of England and South Wales by martial artists from a broad range of disciplines. foXfist has a high proportion of current and ex-military people, so it has a rather pragmatic outlook and in some way rekindles the military origins and flavour of the Xing Yi of former times. foX stands for "Friends of Cross training".

Shaolin Sixteen and a Half Point Pole

This is a very rare martial art from North China, which is unrelated to the similar-sounding Six-and-a-Half Point Pole of the southern Wing Chun system. Even though it is described as a "pole" system it is a complete martial art, with a considerable number of barehand methods.

Tai Chi Chuan

The Old Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan, handed down through the line of Master Yang Jianhou via General Li Jinglin.